Sunday, May 2, 2010

How to create dynamic web project in Eclipse ?

I considered that you have already installed Eclipse and tomcat and able to configure both so now like to make a dynamic web based application. To do that follow this steps:

  1. First select the File menu and then "Dynamic Web Project". If there is no "Dynamic Web Project" then choose "Others..." option

2) If you selected "Other..." then you'll get following screen. Find the "web" folder and then expend it and select "Dynamic Web Project" and click on the "Next" button.
3) Then Write the project name and select runtime server(If you don't know how to configure tomcat with Eclipse, then follow this article "How to configure Tomcat with Eclipse ?"). I have selected tomcat.

4) After above steps you'll get following screen. Context root is your default application name, Content directory is the location in which you need to place all your JSP, Java script files....... and last one is src folder. It is the name of source folder. You can rename it with any other words but for now I am going to use default one.

5) After click on Next button you'll get a new entry for project in the "Project Explorer".

6) Below is the folder structure of a new web application. Eclipse creates all required folder structure for your project.


  1. so nice thanks..helped me get started with java, eclipse, and on how to add new software to eclipse :)

  2. really nice, helped me a lot to star with jsp

  3. Thanks a lot!!!
    You save me a lot of time!